The Birth Place FAQs

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  When can my family visit me and my newborn?
A:  The bonding person and grandparents may visit anytime.  Family members and visitors who are sick should not come and visit. 

Q:  Can my infant's siblings visit?
A:  Brothers and sisters may visit after the "Sibling Visitation" survey questions are answered and reviewed by the staff.  They may visit anytime during visiting hours.   


Sibling Visitation Survey 

1.  Has your child been exposed to chickenpox or any other illness in the past week?Yes/No 

2.  Has your child had a cough in the past 48 hours? Yes/No 

3.  Has your child had a "runny nose" in the past 48 hours? Yes/No 

4.  Has your child had a fever in the past 48 hours? Yes/No 

5.  Has you child had diarrhea or vomiting in the past 48 hours? Yes/No 

6.  Is your child sick or been exposed to other sick children at school or pre-school in the past 48 hours? Yes/No 

7.  Does your child have pink eye? Yes/No 

8.  Has your child even been diagnosed with MRSA? Yes/No 


Q:  What is the Mother/Baby Program?
A:  The Mother/Baby Program is an option where the baby will remain in the mother's room. You will keep your baby with you - all the time.  Please be aware that once you choose the Mother/Baby program, your baby can only go to the nursery when needed for vital signs or testing and then brought back to your room. 

Q:  What are the age restrictions for siblings?
A:  There are no age restrictions.   

Q:  Can someone stay with me overnight?
A:  One person over the age of 12 may stay after visiting hours to help mom overnight. 

Q:  When can my friends come to visit?
A:  They may visit during visiting hours and must be over the age of 12. 

Q:  How much time will my baby be in my room?
A:  All babies come out of the nursery to bond (except for the ones in the Baby/Mother Program) when mom desires or your baby is hungry.  When your baby comes to the room, your visitors will be asked to wait in The Birth Place Waiting area until after the feeding.  This does not include the bonding person, grandparents, brothers or sisters. 

Q:  Do I have to have a car seat for my baby when I leave Rutherford Regional?
A:  North Carolina law requires all infants to be in an approved car seat.  At discharge, mother and infant will be transported to the lobby via wheelchair.  Infant will be transported in mother's arms.  All car seats must be installed in vehicle prior to discharge. 

Q:  I've never installed a car seat.  Who do I call for assistance?
A:  See the chart below for help for certified technicians.


National Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Technician’s Name Agency Phone Number
Tommy Aley Fairview Volunteer Fire Dept. 828-289-0387
Selene Bomer
Jessica Dunaway
The Learning Tree 828-247-4979
Melissa Carlisle S.D.O. Volunteer Dept. 828-245-4352
Leon Carpenter
Shawn Keeter
Forest City Police Department 828-245-5555
Susan Cochran
Penny Parker
Rutherford/Polk/McDowell Health Dept 828-287-6021
Amanda Freeman Rutherford Life Services 828-286-4352
Chip McIntosh Lake Lure Police Dept 828-625-4911
Kevin Owens N C Highway Patrol 828-286-2482
Mondays only 10 – noon
Charlene Proctor
Rutherford Regional Medical Center 828-286-5218