The Birth Place

Giving birth is a very special experience. The birth of your baby is an extraordinary time, and it should happen in a unique place. The Birth Place at Rutherford Regional gives you an exceptional way to welcome the newest member of your family.

In her own unique way, each woman experiences the variety of emotions and physical changes that pregnancy brings. Our role as healthcare professionals is to help our patients understand these changes and guide them to the resources they need.


Available Options and Services include:

  • Prenatal Education classes -- learn what to expect
  • Family participation -- have the ones you love with you in labor and delivery; up to 3 individual support members during birth
  • Delivery in one of our 3 comfortable birthing suites
  • Time to get acquainted with your newest family member right after birth
  • Nursing staff specially trained in - labor, delivery, and infant care
  • Newborn hearing screens 
  •  Couplet Care; keep your baby with you all the time

Highlights of the Birthing Suites:

  • Space dedicated to family privacy
  • Triage Rooms for ante-partum testing
  • Level two nursery
  • Greater security for infants:  Accutech monitors to monitor baby's location
  • Convenient access to surgical suites which affords privacy for C-section patients
  • Ten Post-partum rooms with tubs and showers
  • Classroom to provide a learning environment for expectant families, and new parents
  • and their families.
  • Newborn Photo Packages available by in-house photographer

Amenities in the rooms to help make the mother's stay as pleasant as possible.

  • Suite environment
  • TV
  • DVD Player
  • Ceiling fans
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Glider rockers
  • Sleeper chair for Dad
  • Room Service Meals
  • Private dining table and chairs for Celebration Meal
  • Private bathroom with vanity area, tub and shower

Comfort, privacy, peace of mind, flexibility - these are all important considerations for you and for Rutherford Regional. We want you to know that - It's All About Baby. Giving birth is a very special experience. While having the comforts of home is important, knowing you are surrounded by a specially-trained nursing staff and modern equipment will make your birthing experience even more rewarding.


Education for You and Your Family

The birth of your child is one of the most exciting times in your life - but it can also produce many questions. We offer a variety of classes from childbirth and beyond to educate and prepare expectant parents for childbirth and baby's first days. Gain more confidence in caring for your soon-to-arrive newborn in classes that cover everything from nutrition to care of mom and baby after the delivery.


Prenatal Classes for Expectant Mom and Her Family

  1. Childbirth Education Class. Helps expectant parents and families prepare for the birth of their child.  Nutrition, common discomforts of pregnancy, fetal growth and development, process of labor and birth, coping strategies for labor, pain management, vaginal and cesarean births and care of the mom and baby after birth are some of the topics of discussion.  The class also includes a tour of The Birth Place.  We offer two different class schedules. We offer a four week class which meets one night a week and we also offer a one day (7-8 hours) class on Saturday.
  2. Breastfeeding Class. Provides information about the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby, general breastfeeding education, positions for breastfeeding your baby, breastfeeding challenges and much more.  This class is beneficial to first time moms as well as moms who have breastfed another child.  This class is offered every other month.


To register for class or if you have questions please contact Kristan Holbert at

In-Hospital Post-Delivery Education.

  • Infant CPR-- learning how to do CPR on your infant
  • Lactation Educators:  Rutherford Regional has a certified lactation educator on staff who will help moms with breastfeeding while they are in the hospital as well as the nursing staff will be glad to assist new moms with breastfeeding.  If you have questions about breastfeeding you can reach our lactation educators, Kristen Holbert, RN, Cheryl Edwards, RN and Jessica Wills, RN at (828) 286-5065.

The Birth Place nurses are happy to answer your questions at any time. Call us day or night to ask questions - big or little - and to let us help you with our needs.

Tours of The Birth Place are included with our educational classes. If you are not enrolled in these classes and you would like to arrange a tour of The Birth Place, please call 828-286-5065.