Support Groups and Programs

Knowing that you are not alone in the fight against cancer can make all the difference.  One in three Americans is touched by cancer in their lifetimes.  Rutherford Regional knows that support from fellow cancer survivors can be invaluable resources to patients and their families and offers many supportive programs.

For a vast resource of support and informational materials, please visit People Living With Cancer's website at

The Cancer Resource Center (828-245-4596) is the meeting place for programs that help you cope with the side effects of treatment and support groups that connect you with other cancer survivors.

The Pink Ladies Support Group meets monthly and is a great way to meet ladies who understand that if you are facing cancer, you don't have to do it alone.  The meetings are just plain fun and friends and family members are welcome.  For more information, call the Cancer Resource Center.

We also work with the RHI Legacy that sponsors a program call Be Your Own Beautiful. It is held at the Cancer Resource Center the second Monday of each month from 5-7pm. Call the Cancer Resource Center at (828) 245-4596 to register.