Rutherford Regional Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab program has made a huge difference in my life. I feel better, my body is more flexible, I sleep better, and I feel as if living with my breathing issues has improved. I just wish I had started coming 10 years ago.

 Joe Alley-

Rutherford Regional Hospital offers the best Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab ever!!! I've had 3 heart attacks, and 2 strokes. I've benefited so much from the program. Before my last heart attack I was weak, no energy, and had breathing problems etc....  I've finished the program and decided to continue. I never thought I'd like to exercise, but times have changed. I can tell a difference in my body, my breathing, and how I feel each day. The staff is outstanding in every way possible. The friends I've made are so special, there is a common goal for everyone. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say Thank You.❤️ Teresa McKinney Harley 

The staff at Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Since going through the pulmonary rehab program, I have experienced improvements in my breathing, muscle tone and strength. There is a good variety of exercise machines and I especially appreciate the individualized attention each receives. Judy Schlitt- 

After open heart surgery in 2004 insurance paid for 12 weeks of cardiac rehab as part of my recovery treatment. Thirteen years later I'm still at it three times a week. I've found the staff professional and very caring in their efforts to help me and the other participants attain our individual goals. Additionally, I have established personal relationships with many of my fellow eight o:clock exercisers who have chosen to pay the modest fee to extend their participation. The equipment as well as the people are first-class and I benefit from both.  ~Mike Tanner