Types of Anesthesia

There are different kinds of anesthesia:

  • General
  • Regional
  • Local

You will receive the type of anesthesia that is best for you, depending on your health, the type of operation and other considerations.  

Anesthesia Definitions

  1. General Anesthesia makes you completely unconscious. General anesthesia is injected or inhaled. Usually a mixture of medicine and/or gases is given for best results.
  2. Regional Anesthesia is used to number the body part or area that is to have the operation without affecting the vital organs. Most patients receiving a regional anesthesia will also receive sedation medicine through an IV.
  3. An anesthesiologist or anesthetist will explain the type of anesthesia that will be given to you and the special care you will need. Be sure you understand the recovery time and requirements of your anesthesia.

After the anesthesiologist or anesthetist has talked with you, you will be asked to sign a form giving your permission for anesthesia.