The surgical removal of the tonsils and adnoids.


  1. You may be placed on a special diet.
  2. Drink at least 4-6 (8 ounce) glasses fluid each day.
  3. Avoid hot drinks and spicy foods for two (2) weeks.
  4. Begin with liquid diet and on the 2nd day after surgery gradually start adding goods until you can tolerate the diet taken before surgery.
  5. Avoid drinking orange juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice for 1 week after surgery.
  6. Avoid foods with shaper edges or rough textures for two (2) weeks.  (example Doritos)
  7. Avoid using straws for one (1) week after surgery.
  8. Rest for ten (10) days.  NO strenuous activity or exercise (playing ball, swimming, riding bicycle, jogging, cutting wood, etc.).
  9. Avoid frequent coughing and clearing of throat for ten (10) days.
  10. Fever less than 101 degrees F is common for 2-3 days after surgery.

Call your doctor if you have any questions or if any of the following occur within 72 hours (3 days) of leaving the hospital:

  1. Fever of 101 degrees F or above.
  2. Spitting up more than ½ cup of blood in less than 30 minutes.
  3. Any bleeding that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

If unable to contact your doctor and feel you have an emergency, go the Emergency Department.