Stereotactic Post Procedure

  1. Apply ice to the breast for 30 minutes, three (3) times on the day of your procedure to relieve swelling and bruising.
  2. You may use Tylenol (two tablets) every four (4) to six (6) hours for pain if needed. (If not allergic).
  3. You may return to work after the procedure, but do not perform any strenuous activities for 24 to 48 hours. (No lifting over 10 pounds.)
  4. You may remove the bandage tomorrow morning, but keep the thin strip of tape in place until it falls off.
  5. Wear a tight bra for the next 48 hours to aid in decreased movement. (This will reduce bleeding.)
  6. You may notice bruising in the area of the biopsy. This will usually clear up in a few days.
  7. If you notice any bleeding, drainage, excessive swelling, pain, redness, or heat around the biopsy area, please call your physician.

The final results of your biopsy are usually available in two (2) or three (3) working days.  Your physician will contact you with the results.