Hernia Repair

The repair of muscles in a weakened area of the abdomen or umbilical or inguinal ring.


  1. You may be placed on a special diet.
  2. Anesthesia may affect your mental and physical abilities.  For the next 24 hours:
    1. Do not drive or operate hazardous machinery.
    2. Do not make any business decisions.
    3. Do not be alone or drink alcohol.
  3. Avoid strenuous activities (aerobic dancing, jogging, cutting wood) or lifting anything heavier than your shoes.
  4. Remove dressing tomorrow.
  5. SHOWER ONLY, no tub baths.  Do not let water spray directly on incision until healed.
  6. Elastic hose should be won to promote circulation in the legs and prevent clots from forming.  Hose may be taken off twice a day while resting for 30 minutes or when they need to be washed.  Elastic hose may be discontinued when full normal activities are resumed.
  7. Keep bowel movements soft by drinking at least eight (8) glasses of water a day.

Contact your doctor if any of the following occurs:

  1. Fever of 101 degrees F or above.
  2. Chills.
  3. Pain not relieved by pain medicine ordered by doctor.
  4. Drainage from incision site that saturates more than one dressing in 24 hours.
  5. Increase in redness and swelling at incision site if more than when discharged from hospital.
  6. Discoloration (blueness or redness), swelling, numbness of toes in the affected leg.

If unable to contact your doctor and feel you have an emergency, go the Emergency Department.