Capsule Endoscopy During Procedure

You have just swallowed a capsule endoscope. Here is information about what to expect over the next eight (8) hours. Please call the Outpatient Department if you have severe or persistent abdominal or chest pain, fever, difficulty swallowing, or if you have any questions. Our phone number is 828-286-5319.

  1. You may drink clear liquids (water, apple juice) hour (4) hours after swallowing the capsule. You may eat a light meal five (5) hours after swallowing the capsule. You may also take your medications at this time.
  2. Do not exercise. Avoid heavy lifting. Avoid any strenuous activity and do not bend or stoop during the procedure. You may walk, sit and lay down. You can drive a car. You may return to work, if your work allows avoiding unsuitable environments and/or physical movements.
  3. Avoid going near MRI machines and radio transmitters. You may use a computer, radio, stereo or cell phone.
  4. Occasionally, some images may be lost due to radio interference. On rare occasions this may result in the need to repeat the capsule endoscopy examination. In this case the physician will advise you to stay within the premises of the hospital during the procedure to prevent this problem from recurring.
  5. Do not stand directly next to another patient undergoing capsule endoscopy.
  6. Try not to touch the recorder or the electrode leads. The data recorder is actually a small computer and it should be treated with the utmost care and protection. Avoid sudden movement and banging of the data recorder. Do not remove the belt or sensor array leads.
  7. Avoid getting the data recorder or electrode leads wet.
  8. You may loosen the belt to allow yourself to go to the bathroom. Do not take the belt off.
  9. Observe the LED light on the top of the data recorder at least every 15 minutes. It should blink twice per second. If the light stops blinking at this rate, document the time and call the Outpatient Department.
  10. You should record the time and nature of any event such as eating, drinking and unusual sensations.
  11. You will be instructed when to return to the Outpatient Department to have the equipment removed.