Our Team

The care in the Intensive Care Unit is provided by a multidisciplinary intensive care team. Each team member brings his/her own particular expertise to the ICU. Critically ill patients require constant monitoring, round-the-clock observation and frequent testing. Many resources are needed to care for the critically ill -- doctors, nurses, case managers, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, dieticians, and clinical pharmacists - all working together in planning the care of patients.

Physicians caring for intensive care patients include our Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine, hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, and surgeons.

Intensive care nurses are health care professionals who are specially educated to care for persons with serious and complex illnesses. Nurses who work in intensive care are well prepared to handle emergencies or crises that may arise. Intensive care nurses draw on their nursing skills, specialized education and ability to work with sophisticated technology as they respond to the patient's multiple needs.