Cancer Screening Guidelines

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. (after heart disease).  When you know the risks, implement prevention measures, and take advantage of your cancer screening options, you have taken three big steps toward conquering both your fear of the disease and the disease itself.

Be good to yourself; make an appointment to see your physician for the appropriate screening.  After you reward yourself, spread the word to your loved ones.  Make certain that they also make the right decision to see their healthcare provider for early examinations too!

Test or Procedure Who Age Frequency
Health Counseling & Cancer Check-up Men/Women
20 – 40
Over 40
Every 3 years
Every year
Digital Rectal Exam Men/Women Over 40 Every year
Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test Men 40 & over for African Americans and men with family history of prostate cancer, 50 & over for all other men Every year
Stool Fecal Occult Blood Test Men/Women Over 50 Every year
Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy Men/Women 50 and over Every 3 – 5 years (Sigmoidoscopy) or every 10 years (Colonoscopy)
Pap Test-Pelvic Exam Women All women who are, or who have been, sexually active, or who have reached age 18.  After 3 or more consecutive annual exams, the test may be performed less frequently

Annually, or at Discretion of Physicians

Breast Self-Exam Women 20 and over Every month
Breast Physical Exam Women 20 and over
Over 40
Every 3 years
Mammogram (breast x-ray) Women 40 and over Every year