Hospitalists practice medicine full time at the hospital and are experts in inpatient care. Our hospitalists are board certified. If you require admission to the hospital, the hospitalist team will become responsible for your care. The hospitalists will evaluate your condition, direct your admission, and care for you every day, managing your progress and answering questions.

While you are in the hospital, you will be seen by a Hospitalist.  If necessary, you will be referred back to your regular doctor for an appointment upon discharge.  If you do not have a regular physician, arrangements will be made for you to follow up with one.

What Are the Benefits to You?

The main benefit of being treated by a hospitalist is having a medical specialist authorized to manage your care - from medications to procedures - 'on call' for you around the clock. That makes for a consistently high level of care and potentially better results for you, the patient.

Hospitalists do not go to their offices for regular appointments, which makes them more available to oversee your care and try to answer questions in person whenever possible.