While You're Here

We know that staying in a hospital can be a stressful experience whether it's from being a patient having tests and procedures or fear of the unknown.  At Rutherford Regional, our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with compassionate care and service while you are here.

Our first concern is caring for patients and restoring them to health.  We want to work in partnership with you to provide you with the healthcare you need.


Your admittance to Rutherford Regional was requested by your physician or was necessary through our Emergency Department. In order to complete the medical forms required for all patients, many questions will be asked by the Registration team. This information and any other information about your personal affairs or medical condition will be held in strictest confidence by RHHS.

Identification Bracelet

Each patient receives an identification bracelet. This bracelet allows hospital personnel to positively identify you. It protects your health and safety. Please keep this bracelet on your wrist throughout your stay.

Patient Confidentiality

You may request an "opt out" status upon admission, or at any time during your stay. "Opt out," means that, by law, we cannot confirm to callers and visitors that you are being treated at the hospital as an inpatient, outpatient or Emergency Room patient. This will also include family members.  Ask a nurse about how this works.

Patient Meals

Rutherford Regional's Room Service menu features a full array of breakfast, lunch and dinner choices including a variety of hot entrees featuring beef, poultry, pork and pasta as well as items from the grill, sandwiches and baked goods.  Eligible patients (or family members assisting eligible patients) simply pick up the phone at meal time and order off the menu. 

Respect Other Patients

Respect the rights of other patients and hospital associates by following the policies and procedures at RR (e.g., assist in the control of noise, receive two visitors at a time, respect the property of other people and the hospital, etc.).

Tobacco Free

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on Rutherford Regional property.  The harmful effects and negative consequences of smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke and the use of any tobacco product are well known.  Periodically Rutherford Regional offers smoking cessation classes to the public.  Please call 828-245-4596 (Cancer Resource Center) for more information.  Tobacco Free Environment.

Be an Advocate for Yourself.

You are a critical member of our healthcare team.  The effectiveness of your care and your satisfaction during the course of your treatment depends, in part, upon you.

Educate yourself about your diagnosis, the medical tests you are undergoing and your treatment plan.  Ask your nurse to clarify if you don't understand instructions or can't read a provider's handwriting.  Know what medications you will be taking and why you take them.  Ask for Education Sheets to explain diagnosis, treatments and medications. 

Being aware of what is going to happen will help to relieve some of your anxiety, and will better prepare you to deal with the experience. Your doctor is there to make sure you understand your care, so be sure to ask any questions you may have. It might be helpful to write down questions so that when your doctor comes by your room you'll remember them.

Select a designated spokesperson, when possible, to communicate with care providers regarding your wishes should you be unable to do so.  Advance Directives

Assist the physicians, nurses and other clinicians by following their instructions and medical orders to facilitate your care.  If you have any concerns following prescribed treatments, let your physician and/or caregivers know.  Ask questions.

Do not take any medications which have not been ordered by your attending physician and administered by your nurse.

Discuss with your physician, nurse or other healthcare providers any pain that you have that will not go away and about your options for pain relief.  Work with our healthcare team to create a pain control plan that meets your treatment goals.  Take or ask for the pain relief drugs or other comfort measures when needed.

Pay attention to the care you are receiving.  Make sure you're getting the right treatments and medications by the right healthcare professionals.  Don't assume anything!

Participate in all decisions about your treatment.  You are the center of the healthcare team.

Your Hospital Team

Medical Staff

The physician/health professional who admits you is responsible for directing your care while you are a patient in the hospital.  Your family physician may decide that the Hospitalists will take care of you during your stay at Rutherford Regional.  Hospitalists practice medicine full time at hospitals and are experts in inpatient care. Our Hospitalists are Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Nursing Staff

Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day by a team of professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and aides. A nurse manager is responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care on each unit. Please feel free to contact your nurse or the nurse manager if you have questions or concerns.

Clinical Services Staff

Specially trained staff, in a number of clinical departments of the hospital, are available to assist in your diagnosis and care. These departments include Cardiac Rehabilitation, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy and Nutrition Services.


A dietitian can answer questions about your diet and help you understand how to follow your diet when you go home. You can reach our dietitian at ext. 5523.

Case Manager

A Case Manager is a specially trained registered nurse who is available to assist patients and their families in planning for a patient's needs after discharge. They are available to patients with special needs that arise as a result of hospitalization. 

Environmental Services

Your room is cleaned daily by a member of the environmental services staff. If there is a housekeeping need in your room, tell your nurse so it can be taken care of as soon as possible.


A volunteer may stop by your room to bring mail, flowers, books, or magazines.

Patient Concerns

You have the right to know what hospital rules and regulations apply to your conduct as a patient and the mechanism for the initiation, review and when possible, resolution of a complaint concerning the quality of care or safety issues.  You have the right to file a complaint about your care without fearing retribution.  You can file a complaint by calling the Hospital Patient Representative at (828) 286-5505 or contacting the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation by phone at 1-800-624-3004 (within N.C.) or 919-855-4500, or in writing at 2711 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC  27699-2711.  You also may notify the Joint Commission in writing at Office of Quality Monitoring, The Joint Commission, One Renaissance Boulevard, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, 60181, by e-mail tocomplaint@jointcommission.org, or by calling 800-994-6610.