October 11, 2017

RUTHERFORDTON – Rutherford Regional Health System (RRHS) and the Town of Rutherfordton have jointly announced that RRHS, the county’s second largest employer, is embarking on a recycling effort that will have significant environmental and financial impacts on the community.

At a Wednesday, October 11, announcement inside the medical center, RRHS officials joined Rutherfordton Mayor Jimmy Dancy and Rutherfordton Town Manager Doug Barrick to unveil the hospital’s ambitious goal to eliminate 50 percent of the trash it generates and turn that into recyclable materials. Rebecca Segal, CEO of RRHS, says that while the goal is lofty, it is very achievable.

“Over the past year, the hospital has generated over 450,000 pounds of trash, which equates to nearly 1,300 pounds of trash on a daily basis,” she explained. “But we’ve studied the type of waste generated and we’ve formed a team that will champion this effort throughout the facility, and we’re confident that with diligence we can make a substantial reduction in what we send to the landfill.”

Segal added that now that the campaign has been officially launched and containers placed throughout the medical center, RRHS leaders will monitor closely the amount of recyclables recovered in order to achieve our goal. Town leaders say they are encouraged by RRHS’ efforts.

“As the Town’s largest employer and the catalyst that sets the tone for wellness, we are proud of Rutherford Regional Health System for ensuring they are a leader in recycling,” said Mayor Dancy. He added that more than 70 percent of the waste that makes its way to the landfill is recyclable and can be placed in the Town’s recycling roll-out program. He encourages residents and businesses to learn more about our program at www.rutherfordton.net/recycle .

Barrick said, “The Town of Rutherfordton wants to make a concerted effort to ensure recycling away from home is just as easy as in your kitchen, so this step by RRHS is a great way for our community members to continue recycling in their daily routines.”

Segal added that she is excited to watch Rutherford Regional Health System live out its mission of “Making Communities Healthier” in a new way. “Recycling is a significant way we can show our responsibility to the environment and to our community,” she noted. “While the Town currently offers recycling to its residents and small commercial accounts, we highly encourage all business partners in the Town to join us in looking for ways to recycle in their operations.”