RRHS CEO: We're Embracing a New Mission for the Future

May 9, 2017

RUTHERFORDTON – As part of its National Hospital Week festivities, Rutherford Regional Health System (RRHS) on Monday, May 8, unveiled its new Mission, Vision, High 5 Guiding Principles, and Duke LifePoint Promise to the public.

“Since 1906 RRHS has proudly served the healthcare needs of people throughout Rutherford County County and surrounding communities,” said Becca Segal, CEO. “As part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, we are building upon this legacy and strengthening our hospital for the future.”

Segal added, “We are fortunate that Duke LifePoint shares our commitment to improving the overall health and wellbeing of our communities, and ensuring that people here have access to quality care close to home. We consider it a privilege to serve as your local healthcare leader, and we are proud to be part of a company that is genuinely committed to such meaningful work.”

To deepen its connection with Duke LifePoint and strengthen its culture, RRHS has chosen to adopt a Mission, Vision and set of Guiding Principles (known as the “High Five”) that are consistent with fellow Duke LifePoint Healthcare and LifePoint Health facilities.

RRHS’ new mission is Making Communities Healthier®. To achieve this mission, Segal noted, RRHS will focus on the vision to create places where people choose to come for healthcare, physicians want to practice and employees want to work. RRHS will also be guided by a set of High Five Guiding Principles:

  1. Delivering high quality patient care;
  2. Supporting physicians;
  3. Creating excellent workplaces for our employees;
  4. Taking a leadership role in our communities; and
  5. Ensuring fiscal responsibility.    

“Finally,” Segal explained, “Duke LifePoint has articulated its commitment to us through the following Promise to our community: Duke LifePoint promises to engage with our patients and people, lead quality innovation and advance knowledge to improve health in the communities we serve. We have felt this promise in meaningful ways, and our commitment to you is to keep you informed of how Duke LifePoint continues to deliver and support our hospital and community.”

She concluded, “The next time you visit RRHS you may see posters and banners about our new Mission, Vision, High Five Guiding Principles and Duke LifePoint Promise. We want you to see how these concepts are being embraced by our hospital, so I encourage you to ask our employees, physicians and volunteers about how they are making communities healthier. I also invite you to join us as we continue to look for new ways to achieve this mission each day.”